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Loan question?

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Loan question?

I have 2 loans with Navient that I'm paying on now.  I also have 2 loans with Great Lakes that I'm paying.  With the Great Lakes loans my loans are unconsolidated so my payments are going towards a single loan amount instead of the entire balance (ex. one loan is $800.00, one is $1,795 etc.)...Paying this way is better for me because I can see the balance going down. 


One of my loans with Navient is $13,000.  I can pay a good portion of this balance down by the end of the year but the problem is I consolidated my loans with Navient so if I make a payment the money will go towards both loans plus interest therefore the balance is not really going down.  Is there a way for me to unconsolidated my loans?

Start of rebuild July 2021

October 2021
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