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Perm Disability Discharge

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Perm Disability Discharge

Hello all.

I have a very very old student loan issue. I have been disabled for a long while and I never had my loans discharged. I sent in the paperwork many years back but it seems that it never actually got discharged. When I spoke to someone they said they might not have gotten it and sent me new paperwork. My loans no longer show on my credit and my score is actually doing fairly well. Once they disappeared from my credit I assumed all was over with but I should not have assumed.  I can have my Dr.s do what is needed to get a conditional discharge etc., and now I have studied up on the process and will follow it through to see it is actually completed, but I have recently read some sad stories on this forum of people trying to rehab loans and such who then wound up having new TLs put on their reports and other problems. I am wondering if this will happen to me if I try to discharge the loan. I thought of consolidation, but I am truly disabled and I dont see why I shouldnt take advantage of the remedy available to me. I am also concerned if I tried consolidation if that woudl cause me further credit problems. Like I said, I am actually doing ok in the credit score dept. and hubby and I want to use his VA eliegability to buy a house inthe near future. I suppose I dont have any real options here, just wanted to hear from anyone who has gone through the process if they can offer some reassurance.




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