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School loan discharges

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School loan discharges

I was an unlucky recipient of a school closure however as of 3 months ago my student loans were forgiven.  The letter states 30-90 days to be removed from my credit report.  They were not, I disputed and within days they are now being removed.  The removal is tanking my score and that really freaking bites because I worked hard for my 723 and up lol.  That being said, my score will come up, probably slower than I want it to beause now I have no car payment, no signature loan, no school loan, just my various cc and one retail card and a mortgage, all in great standing.


What I really came in here to say is that those with the ITT school closure; if you graduated and can prove that your diploma has not helped you in anyway, then you could still qualifty for the borrower defense to repayment.  The rules are strict and you do have to show that you were very much defrauded. Specificity will be key.


I started my process in 2016, for my education years of 2008-2011, they lost my app three times but I was persistent and I "won."  For transparency sake I did not graduate and I was outside of the scope of years they said was allowable.  My argument was that I was still defrauded and that I did report the issues to dept of ed in 2011 under such and such name/email etc.


Just thought I would throw this out.


Now would someone please wave the magic wand to make my 48 points reappear ugh.  Of course this would happen right before I planned on a small loan to help fund the tiny home I am bringing into my other lot lol.

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Re: School loan discharges

Congratulations on getting your loans forgiven! 

Last HP 11-01-2022

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