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SoL Private Loans in Ky?


SoL Private Loans in Ky?

Anyone know if the statute of limitations in Kentucky is 5 or 15 years for private student loans?

Before Ch 7 BK 06/2016: EQ: 565 TU 577 EX: 554
After Ch7 DC 10/04/16: EQ: 678 TU: 681 EX: 595

Scores as of Nov 2017: EQ: 654 TU: 690 EX: 633
Currently carrying: Cap One Quicksilver One-$2K, Cap One Platinum-$2K, Merrick-$1600, PayPal Credit-$2500, VS-$450, Boscov's-$1K, JCrew-$450, Wayfair-$2K
Goals Dec. 2018: FICO 720 and NFCU unsecured cc, 8K in savings
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