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Sofi Student Loan Refinance During Engollment

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Sofi Student Loan Refinance During Engollment

Hi.  I can't find this info on Sofi's web site.  Will Sofi allow you to refinance your loan while still enrolled in school and before payments begin?

Also, if I look into loans at multiple institutions over a few days will that hurt my credit score more than just doing it at one place, kind of like auto loans or mortgages?


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Re: Sofi Student Loan Refinance During Engollment

If you go to Google & type best student loan refinance companies, you will get an answer. Please be aware of this as I found this out by researching this by talking to some lenders when it comes to student loans. A refinance of s student loan is treated differently compared to when you are shopping around, such as a auto or mortgage loan which would generally count as one hard inquiry. When you refinance a student loan, and apply for example, five different financial institutions, then it counts as five hard inquiries. This is most important. A refinance of a student loan will still be considered a student loan status. It will not be reported to the credit bureaus as a regular installment loan. The reason being is this. Any student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy but regular loans can. So lenders are not going to change the status. Lastly, when you have signed the student loan agreement, it is no different than agreeing to the terms and paying back the loan just like it was a credit card, personal loan, mortgage, or auto loan. 

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