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"student" status

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"student" status

This isn't precisely a student loan question, but I guess in a way it is.
I've been out of school for 14 years (sheesh!) and I'm going to grad school this fall. My question is, should I apply for credit under "student" status; would that help or hurt me?
Do they assume that you aren't making any money, so you get a low CLI, or that you have loans and the potential of more money later on, so you get decent cards? Are there different standards for undergrad/grad?
I know being a student does help me get into my state's credit union, so I'll be taking advantage of that. Should I do that now, before I fill out the student loan apps? Or at the same time, in a month or two?
Any other advice?
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Re: "student" status

IF you have an established credit history- I would not bother with the student status (except to get in with your local CU)
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