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retroactive forebearance/ getting 60day late removal?

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retroactive forebearance/ getting 60day late removal?

Anyone have sucess getting aes/fedloan servicing remove a late payment. We got a retroactive forebearance and was told it would wipe out a 60day late, we're now trying to get a mortgage and the 60day late was reported last month! Someone else suggested on another thread that I try a gw letter. anyone have any sucess getting late removed after a forebearance.

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Re: retroactive forebearance/ getting 60day late removal?

You might want to try to call them up again to just ask that it be removed.  Its possible that may get a quicker turn around.  From what I've seen, it's been almost a 50/50 shot.  Many companies would argue that the late is valid because at that time you were not on a forbearance and a payment was due, whereas it seems that other people have had success in having the late removed with a backdated forbearance.  I am not sure though specifically which companies went which route.  I would say to go ahead and try the goodwill letter, and hopefully they can have that taken care of for you.

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