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December Check in Thread

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Re: December Check in Thread



I am new here. I am interested in knowing what is a GW letter and where can I find it?


I see that letter maybe of some use in my credit situation. I am looking to rebuild. I only have two open accts. One small card 500 limit and student loan 2650. I have 6 accts in collection two are sched to be removed and the other 4 need to be paid off. The creditors are declining my offer for payoff for deletion.

Starting Score: 486
Current Score: 635(middle score)
Goal Score: 680

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As of Dec 2013 I want to purchase a 2011 or newer vehicle and buy my first home by the end of the year. I have purchased 2011 vehicle as of 2/2014 and I have been pre-approved for 100k home mortgage loan as of 3/2014.
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Re: December Check in Thread

After (finally) making a commitment to better my credit ways, I'm joining the December thread of the challenge to set me up to participate for real next year.  I started my credit journey with my score in the 400s a few years ago, and as recently as September was still in the 550s.  Since then I had a couple of charge offs (credit cards opened when I was 19 and didn't realize what responsible account maintenance was) and collections (ditto) age off of my reports.  I also established new cards (even with high annual fees and high APRs) to have new better credit management.  I now have a normal Capital One card that keeps getting CLIs without requests by me, and have a Victoria's Secret store card.  Today I applied for an auto lease, my first without as the only borrower.  Fingers crossed that my hard work to date is good enough to get me there!

Starting Score: 552 (EQ 9/2013) 800
Current Score: 640 (EQ) 657 (TU) 633 (EX) 800
Goal Score: 720 for all 850

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