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March Check In Thread

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Re: March Check In Thread

I've been in the garden since I received my secured Discover it card back in December, but I hopped out of the garden when I received a preapproval for an unsecured Capital One Premium card with no AF today. I was approved, so while I hated leaving the garden it was worth it to add a second credit card to aid in my credit building. I'm right back in, though, because I am proof that gardening works. I went from no credit and some kind of fako in the 500s to (according to Discover's credit score) a 669. So, I definitely hit a milestone today. Hoping to be in the mid to high 700s by the end of the year.

Gardening: March 11, 2015
EQ: 651 TU: 682 EX: 681
Amazon Store Card: 900 CL | Walmart Store Card: 900 CL | Capital One Platinum: 500 CL | Secured Discover it Student Chrome: 200 CL
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Re: March Check In Thread

Over 600 in all 3 CRAs now!


paid off loan reported

new $500 cl visa w cu reported


EX down 5

EQ up 14


hasnt reported to TU yet

Last App: Feb 2016. Gardening until Feb 2017.

Bank card total CL: $16,450 | Store card total CL: $4,500

Ch 7 BK discharged 8/2011

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Re: March Check In Thread

In the past month, I've raised my FICO from 580 to 685, by removing all 5 of the collection accounts on my report, and dropping credit util from 99% to 22%. To top it off, I was just approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred and an Amex Blue Cash Preferred!


It's been a hell of a month! I've been eying those cards for a long time.


I'll be gardening now for 6 months, until I request a CLI on the CSP, then continue gardening the rest of the year. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to get SP CLIs on my WF Platinum and Amex BCP. Hopefully I can also take care of the late payments still on my report and continue moving on up past 700.



Starting (2/15): 580, Current (9/17): 725, Goal (12/17): 740
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Re: March Check In Thread

I'm just checking in for the month. Still fairly new to credit building but excited none the less. I noticed my mindset has changed since Ive started being active here. I actually spend ALL my free time combing through reports trying to make sure nothing else gets added( it did) and writing letters to medical collectors and sending in payments that are comfortable for me and my income..all to prevent ANYTHING from hindering my progress. I did have a setback a few days ago when I saw a new collection added to my EX. It says its from Comcast but thing is I've never had comcast...I'm an ATT person. Well I am on top of it with writing my letter to CA to get that disputed. I also received another letter from someone else whom I have no idea for offering to settle for me. A letter went out to them same day. I am not playing with debt anymore...legitimate or not. I am staying on top of it and requesting information when I dont recognize instead of having things added my report in error or stupidity. I promise it seems the minute you get serious about debt and payoff all the crap you owe and get those collections taken care of the COLLECTION GODS find out and EVERYONE you ever done business with starts coming out of their hiding place! But I'm staying focused...this forum has done wonders for my self esteem in regards to credit. I literally eat, breath, sleep "credit" and what I can do to improve my standing. Not numbers so much but rather learning good habits.

No score updates for 6 months is the plan while I garden
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Re: March Check In Thread

Checking in for March! So far so good, paying down my debt, slowyly but I'm getting there.

Starting Score: (1/15)TU: 690 EX: 690 EQ: 711
Current Score: (10/18) TU-8: 813 EX-8: 808 EQ: 797
Goal Score: (7/20) 800+ for all three bureaus

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Gardening until July 2020!

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Re: March Check In Thread

In February I was able to accomplish one of my goals for the year!  Got an auto loan for a good rate from DCU and traded in my dying 15 year old car for a 2 year old Subaru that I love!   Also added more money to my savings and paid another chunk off credit cards.    


For March I will keep adding to savings, keep paying on the cards, and make my first car payment.  Gardening until summer then I will app for a rewards card.


Best of luck to everybody for the month Smiley Happy

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Re: March Check In Thread

I've been away for 2 years.  I just started to work on my credit report again today.  Hopefully I can get some things cleaned up on the report and get these scores to rise.

Starting Score: TU 578 | EQ 561 | EX ???
Current Score:
TU 607 | EQ 587 | EX 589
Goal Score:
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Re: March Check In Thread

MarineVietVet wrote:

coffeegal wrote:

So January was a great month for me, February -- not so much scorewise.  I was able to see the results of having tax liens and old collections removed from my credit reports.  The timing was great, as I needed to replace my old car.  February was a month of change.  I paid off my old auto loan, opened a new one, closed my stupid FP MC, and my J Crew card finally saw a CLI, going from $740 to $4940 (yay!).  My scores literally change daily with new items reporting, and other items going away.  In January, I opened an AMEX BCE and a Green card, as well as a Visa from my CU (preapproved/offered to me from the same HP as my new auto loan).  All of the ups and downs in my scores were within 1-5pts -- no big deal, however yesterday my old auto loan reported as paid on EX and caused my score to drop 25 points!  I am very bummed to say the least.  I am now waiting to see another anticipated drop in score when my new auto loan reports later this week or next (I just made my first payment yesterday).  


So -- all that said, while I am sad to see my scores drop after they've seen some big jumps up, I have to remind myself that I am in a much better place financially and though my scores are not where I want them to be, I believe they will be in time.  So, at this time, I am gardening, gardening, gardening.   

Wise words indeed!

Thank you for the support!  Smiley Happy

Starting Score: EQ 657 TU 627 EX 650 12/2014
Current Score: EQ 747 TU 748 EX 738 3/2017
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Re: March Check In Thread has been a struggle to keep my scores from dipping. I am trying to improve not only my scores but my credit in general. I have been working on clearing some collections as well as reducing the balances on my credit cards. I am currently working on obtaining a 30% utilization rate.

I was able to get my car payment caught up with Capital One but the interest is killing me. I can't trade it because of my credit and I am so far underwater on it. So working to increase my credit ratings. Then my secondary goal is to increase my scores to qualify for a mortgage so that I can fix up my house. It was a foreclosure purchase that needs a little work. A long way to go...

Starting Score: 505
Current Score: 525
Goal Score: 650

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Re: March Check In Thread

Good morning!  Checking in for March, didn't in Feb but my other half is doing a lot more work.


Just checked today after an alert and got a 34 point bump on EX 627!   EQ is also showing me at 600 now!  TU didn't update yet.


Feb opened a Credit One VISA, $300.  Also have CapOne Plat $300 and CapOne QS $300 both in Step Program.  


Bump was result of CreditOne reporting $75 balance and now reporting $0...........they bumped me yesterday from $300->$500 without asking.


CapOne balances reported on both in Feb and that got a small score increase then too..........statement is 3/14 and both PIF to report $0 this month.


Fingerhut raised me from $500 -> $1000.  Let balance report in Feb which will now report 0 for March with the CLI when they report.


The Mrs has had huge credit growth and put me on as AU for some, not reporting yet.  When they do will have Amex PRG nsl, USAA Visa 1500, Kay Jewelers $6000, Amercan Eagle $650 for now.


She will also add me to another higher limit just deciding which one, prob BJs Perks @ $4000.


Cap One Steps I think for me is July ;  hoping they bump early like others are seeing on the forum since using and paying heavily few times per month.


No new apps for me on the horizon.   She is now getting down to business to clean up the baddies for both of us.  In the fall should both be in good shape with those plus building a record of payments.


i have very few inquiries so plan is for me to hit Barclays as my first new try around September......since they are inquiry sensitive, they will be first and I should be close to or at 700 after the clean up.  My last app 1/27/15.


The Mrs is now officially in the garden too and has made huge leaps in available credit due ot this forum!


Hoping to see spring here in PA very soon.............enough cold and ice already!!!!


Good luck everyone!!



Starting Score: EQ 588 TU 565 EX 602
Current Score: 3/15: EQ 608 TU 616 EX 630 ; 8/17/15 EQ 647 TU 711 EX 682
Goal Score: 750

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AU: Kay 6k USAA 1.5k Cap1 Spark:1500 Lowes 12k: Amex PRG; Walmart 5k; JCP 5k
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