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March Check In Thread

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Re: March Check In Thread

Checking in for March. My goals are developing right now. My original goals for 2015 were

  1. Keep credit card utilization below 15%. So far I'm maintaining less than 1%
  2. Save up for bathroom remodels (400+ per month) . Ditched this goal and changed it to pay at least $400 extra on house
  3. Monitor and protect credit. Continuing
  4. Stop monthly payments from 401K for minimum 1 year-up to 3 years. Done.  Now need to make it to 1/2017 as earliest date to receive payments again.

I've developed a new budget and I've elected to pay an extra $500 per month on my house so that I'll have my the house I purchased in 2014 paid off in 20 years instead of 30.


So I guess my new check in will be: 1) Was credit card utilization below 15%  &  2) Did I pay $400 or more extra toward house or What was the extra amount paid toward house.

Original Mortgage maturity Sept 2044; Refi maturity Dec 2030
Starting Score: EX 751 EQ 720 TU 737 on 4/9/14
Current Score: EX 849 EQ 835 TU 843
Goal Score: 850

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Re: March Check In Thread


Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: March Check In Thread

Well I haven't been checking in monthly but I did want to check in and share my progress, latest FICO scores and plans/goals for upcoming months.


So far I have paid off five of my nine credit cards (I know, outrageous).  I will be paying off a personal line of credit by the end of this month and plan to have another credit card paid off by the end of April.  Going to keep plugging away and seeing my scores go up!

Re-entered the garden on 12/30/15 Seriously, I need to stop leaving!
Starting Score: EQ: 706 TU: 707 EX: 674 (on 1/3/16)
Current Score: EQ: 713 TU: 701 EX: 679
Goal Score: EQ: 720 TU: 720 EX: 690

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Re: March Check In Thread

Checking in for March.


My Feb goal was to keep a UTI between 10-15%...I didn't quite make that due to some balances reporting earlier than I thought and some CLIs reporting later than expected...BUT I wasn't far off from my goal.


My March goal has been and will continue to be sitting still in the garden.  I've been watching some great things happen with my scores so that is encouraging.



Gardening since 8/5/15
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Re: March Check In Thread

Started at 600 scores at the beginning on January.  We are now in March, and my husbandand I are both at 650-655 credit scores.  When we received our tax refund, we were able to pay down the $1500 on our credit cards, so our utilization dropped from around 70% to under 10% which made the biggest increase.  We have low limits on our cards (highest is $1500) so even a small charge affects our score.  We were abl to refinance our auto loan this last weekend.  When we bought it last January, we had 520 scores and got a rate of 14.6%.  We were lucky as we bought our 2009 nissan altima under blue book value, so still are ahead on the loan.  We were able to refiance at 7.8%, I'm very excited that we were able to cut it in half.  It's not great, but I feel accomplished about it. Our next step is gardening for the next few months to let our on-time payments increase and length of credit history as well.

Starting Score: 537 |Oct 2013
Current Score: 655 | March 2015
Goal Score: 750

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Re: March Check In Thread

March has been an interesting month. 


To start, I had both EQ and TU drop in score after a comment - yes, a COMMENT - was added to a loan I am rehabbing lates on (it's a really weird situation, because the loan is active and paid as agreed, but I still have to do a "rehab" to get a 30/60 day removed). That dropped EQ by 30 points and TU by 18 right at the end of Feb.. CC payments and loan payments gave me back a few points there. EX didn't budge much, but it's my highest score as of today at 690.


The good news came very quickly - I was approved for a new car today (yay!) and then apped this evening for an Amex and got approved for that too. Chase got a 7-10 day message, but I'll at least try a recon and see where that goes. From here on out, we are in the garden.


I may not have much to report until July; at that point those 30/60 day lates will fall off, and a few inquiries from last year will age over 1 year. I still have 1 baddie that needs some TLC - no response to a DV, but I am going to attempt a PFD and see where that takes me. The other couple of baddies will be dropped from my report by the time I leave the garden. So here's to slow and steady progress!

~Gardening until April 2017~

Starting Score: EQ 637 TU 623 EX 667 1/6/15
Current Score: EQ 696 | TU 708 | EX 670 1/26/16
Goal Score: EQ/TU/EX 700
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Re: March Check In Thread

Happy Spring All-


*Checking In*


Received an 11pt. boost (TU & EQ), as a result of bringing my consolidation card (Discover IT) under 85% util. -hazah!-


I am speculating however, since all else has remained the same. 


Still in the midst of devinsing a plan I can commit to, but ever excited about the possibilities!


Until next month...

Gardening until 4/1/16 (or later)=Goal Card: Discover It Miles|**Total Utl. 13%**
FICOs: EQ-721, Trans-720, EX-711, Amex-711, Discover-719, GFCU-717, Mint-719, USAA-699, Credit-725
*CCs* DiscoverIT - $30,750|NFCU cashRewards Signature - $17,500|NFCU nRewards - $17,500|USAA PCR World - $12,000|GFCU Rewards - $7,000|BOA CashRewards - $6,000|Sallie Mae WMC - $4,500|Amex EveryDay - $2,000|Amex BCP - $2,000|Chase Slate - $300 (LMFAO)| *BCs* Amex Business SPG - $10,000|Southwest RR Premier - $5,000|Amex SimplyCash - $4,400| *RCs* AmazonStore - $3,8000|HenriBendel - $3,000|BestBuy - $3,000||Khols - $1,300| (+) Student Loans-$67,000*weep* Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: March Check In Thread

Just got the happy notice that my Equifax score FINALLY improved (I've gone from 'bad' to 'fair').  I have been sticking with my plan of paying off at least one credit card per month.  Since January my credit utilization has gone from 98% to 48%.  I'm so exicited to see my diligence bearing fruit.  I could just kick myself for burying my head in the sand for long believing my situation was hopeless.  Barring any unforeseen changes, I shall be debt free (not counting student loans) by Sept of this year.

Starting Score: 557/601/619
Current Score: 660/697/704
Goal Score: 750/750/750

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Re: March Check In Thread

Decreased UTIL by 5% to 3% total


TU up 1 point

EX up 6 points

EQ up 10 points

Last App: Feb 2016. Gardening until Feb 2017.

Bank card total CL: $16,450 | Store card total CL: $4,500

Ch 7 BK discharged 8/2011

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Re: March Check In Thread

Hello MyFico!!


Had a bit more growth!  Got an early delete on TU for a CO and associated CA.

Added an AU account with Chase.

Increased a few existing trade lines!

And paid balances I let hit for last month.....


637   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onEquifax data as of 3/18/2015
638   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onTransUnion data as of 3/13/2015
645   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onExperian data as of 3/18/2015
Hoping to keep seeing growth!!!
Also, SCT worked for me on Overstock $1000 - Eddie Bauer $500 and JCrew $250 instant luv $550!  
For some reason the SCT never populates for the Mrs...? ??   And she has gotten some great TLs from HP with them - Visa/MCs @ $2k, $4k, $9k starting CL!!!   Comenity is weird.
Ok, back to work!  Onward and upward step by step!!!

Starting Score: EQ 588 TU 565 EX 602
Current Score: 3/15: EQ 608 TU 616 EX 630 ; 8/17/15 EQ 647 TU 711 EX 682
Goal Score: 750

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Fingerhut $500->1k CapOneQS 2600: CreditOne 500: Boa 99/500: Barclay Apple 2k; C1 Spark 500: Eddie Bauer 500; Overstock 1800; JCrew 1050: GoodSamMC 1000; NFCU CashRwds 5500: NFCU PLOC 4000; USAA MC 1500
AU: Kay 6k USAA 1.5k Cap1 Spark:1500 Lowes 12k: Amex PRG; Walmart 5k; JCP 5k
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