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May Check In Thread

Re: May Check In Thread

Increased my score another 74 points this month! Had 5 negative tradelines removed from TU. Finally won the battle with a mortgage that was reporting incorrectly, and had one old student loan deleted and another updated to show no lates. That's a total increase of 153 points in two months, from 522 to 675. 700 club here I come! All of this 14 months post BK7 discharge! Goals for next month:

1. Send goodwill letters to the remaining negative tradelines
2. Stay in the garden ( very hard to do since I have made it to a whole other credit level )

Starting Score: 522(2/24/13)
Current Score: 675(4/3/13)
Goal Score: 750

Cap1 Platinum - $1000, Cap1 CashRew - $500, Orchard Bank - $300
Walmart-$500, Amazon-$800, Vic. Sec.-$250, Maurice's-$250, Kohls-$300
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Re: May Check In Thread

Congrats LdyNRed,

It so great to hear a success story because it is so encouraging. I am hoping to get approved for a mortgage next May or June 2014. Was your mortgage approval a FHA or conventional loan of you dont mind answering. I ask becaue you said your scores wer below 580. Good luck.

Starting Score: 615
Current Score: 632
Goal Score: 742

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Re: May Check In Thread

I'm starting my journey. Better late than never! I have filed my taxes and am expecting a refund. I will be using it to pay on some of my debts and put the rest in savings. Looking forward to learning alot from you guys and improving my current situation.

Starting Score: 500
Current Score: 550
Goal Score: 850

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Re: May Check In Thread

and the trend going up has started! its not much but 7 points is a good start!..besides im in no hurry,i have 2 years to rais it to atleast 725!

Starting Score: 652
Current Score: 659
Goal Score: 725

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Re: May Check In Thread

Not much to report this month but I am super excited that my score is on the rise!  I am still waiting for my official bankruptcy discharge paperwork so I can start rebuilding.  I love this challenge, so much useful insight from everyone.

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 639
Goal Score: 701
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Re: May Check In Thread

2013 Goals -Proud of my status!


Began this journey with scores less than 550.  Now TU 709, EQ 684, EX 718. 


My goals for 2013 are listed below. My updated progress follows in red!


  • Increase FICO to 700 by June - Two out of three aint bad!
  • Make final progress on GW to remove old COs and lates from 2006/2007 Did all I can do. Will let stuff age off. Nothing not paid.
  • FHA Mortgage by May Closing in three weeks!
  • Refi auto after mortgage From 12% to 1.99% (Thank you credit union!)
  • App for Amex (Green), Southwest Rewards, local credit union cc (right after mortgage then garden) Apped for Amex Gold Delta Rewards and was approved! Credit union approved me for a Visa at 5k! Apped for Southwest Rewards and I got the "review message".  Whatever!  I have all that I want and need. About to sit in the garden with no intention of getting out!
  • Save - add $5k to add to emergency fund Working on this. Have been saving much more this year and hope to get to 5k in emergency fund by end of the year. Making good progress!
Amex Green Amex Gold Delta Rewards Discover IT CU Rewards Visa Closed on my new home 5/2013!

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Re: May Check In Thread

OK so I am a few days late posting this but here it goes, score is now 646 (was 580s in january), got an alert the other day that a bad debt student loan I cosigned was finally reported the way it should be, (payed settlement last year and Sallie Mae was continuing to report as unpaid, got nowhere with DV process but when contacted by a new collection agency trying to obtain more money they actually resolved the matter for me). I hope to continue to pay my bills on time and keep the balance paid in full on my CC. Goal is now a USDA RD mortgage by the end of summer.

Starting Score: 584
Current Score: 655
Goal Score: 660

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Re: May Check In Thread

I have kinda lurked for a while, but thought I would jump in now. I am focusing on credit repair and plan on being in the garden at least until Jan 2014. A couple of recent declines after a string of approvals, has let me know that I may be doing too much.


I dont know what I can realistically expect to score by the end of the year, but I am going to do my best.

I would love to get a Southwest Airlines Visa within a year from now.

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Re: May Check In Thread

My current scores are TU 591 (5/6) EX 622 (5/4) EQ 590 (4/27)

I have not seen big jumps in my score from my last check-in back in April. I guess you can't always have 40 points increase in a month. 



I have one account that appeared in collection last month, but I am current in my student loan and I have no credit card debt. I have a 120+ day late on my student loan that I have send out a GW letter to have deleted and I received an email that they will review my account. Keeping my fingers crossed!


My next course of action is to send out GW letter to a very recent PIF collection. I didn't know much about credit reporting system and did not negotiate a PFD Smiley Indifferent because of the misleading advice from my collection rep. Finally, once all my scores are around 620, I want to apply for a decent credit card as I only have 1 at the moment and is probably slowing my progress.


Good luck to everyone! Keep on going!

Starting Score: TU 543 (3/1) EX 560 (3/1) EQ 544 (3/1)
Current Score: TU 630 (6/5) EX 660 (6/5) EQ 591 (6/10)
Goal Score: 650

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Re: May Check In Thread

Hi, Im new...I'm excited to finally get my credit back on track but at the same time I feel that this is an uphill, never ending battle! Didn't realize my scores were this low until recently and I'm just mad at myself for getting into this mess...Smiley Sad

Starting Score: 440
Current Score: 438
Goal Score: 700

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