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September Check In Thread

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September Check In Thread

Summer might not be gone, but September is officially here. School is in session, pumpkin everything is everywhere, and we're right around the corner from the new TV season (Can't wait for my Parks and Rec).


Any updates from the past month? Pay off any debt or get into something new because of the school year?


As always: participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here.

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Re: September Check In Thread

Still gardening, just taking care of what I have.  No immediate need for anything so just watching scores rise.  Smiley Wink

Starting Score: 504
July 2013 score:
EQ FICO 819, TU08 778, EX "806 lender pull 07/26/2013
Goal Score: All Scores 760+, Newest goal 800+
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EQ:809 TU 777 EX 790 Now it's just garden time!

June 2017 update: All scores over 820, just pure gardening now.
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Re: September Check In Thread

Here are my updates:


  • September started off with a 20 point jump Smiley Happy
  • I paid off all the Revolving debts last month, util down to 5%
  • Hoping to in garden till rest of the year while working on my repair journey aka GW Letters.  
  • I will be out of the country most of this month,  but I will be getting my first spade during that time (Sept 18th).  I wont be thinking of app-ing, instead will be maxing out my cards.

2013 Feb EQ: 550 | 2017 Feb EQ: 722

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Re: September Check In Thread

Sept. caught me returning to a seedling,but with 2 new cards in purse. Goals for mth are to let those 6 inq. this years age,continue to pay down util.(19%) rt. now,and NOT app for anything new or CLI that is a HP.

Grow my little seedling and watch my score grow along with

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Re: September Check In Thread

Hello everyone.   Here is what September is looking like for me.


Sent a $4,500 cashiers check to US Bank to bump my secured card up to $5,000.  Waiting for the HP to show. But hopefully when that graduates in January, I will have a nice $5k limit! 


OneMain Financial - Unpaid balance of $4,791. Still trying to PFD.  No responses. 

Cap1 Card #1 - Unpaid Balance of $1,471.  Spoke with EO.   Will not PFD.  Will pay this week and demand an immediate update to CRs.

City of San Diego - Collection - $130.  I have filed with the FTC to have this removed.  They still do not respond to any DV letters.    

Chase Auto - 4 30 lates and 1 60 day late.  Sent another GW 9/3/13.

Sallie Mae - Was 180 days late but now current.  Sent GW 9/3/13. 

Amazon Card - $0 balance - Sent GW 9/3/13

Cap1/Best Buy - $0 balance -  Sent GW 9/3/13.

Cap1 CC #2 - $0 balance -  Sent GW to EO 9/3/13.

Cap1 CC #3 - $0 balance -  Sent GW to EO  9/3/13.

Cap1 CC #4 - $0 balance - Sent GW to EO 9/3/13.

Shell/Citi - $0 balance -  Sent GW 9/3/13.


Scores are below. Would love to see all 3 above 620 by the end of the month.  

My Cards: CSP: $5,000 // Hyatt: $5,000 // Cap1 Venture: $5,000 // US Bank Plat: $3,500 // Discover: $1,000 // AMEX BCE: $1,000 // Lowes: $5,500 // Furniture Row: $3,500 // Buckle Store Card: $750

Current MyFico Scores: EX 687 EQ 696 TU 687 Gardening from 5/15 till 5/16

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Re: September Check In Thread

Hi All,

I had a few accomplishments over the last 30 days. I paid off an old T-Mobile account that had been sold to Midland Credit (Not a good company to deal with). I paid the debt to the original creditor so I would not have to negotiate with Midland and I'm waiting on it to be removed from my report. Also, I disputed a fraudulent account and received a letter like 4 days ago stating that it will be removed from my credit reports. Hopefully these two actions will increase my scores. In the CC world, I opened up a secured card with BOA for $1500 and intend to pay it in full each month and keep my utilization between 12-15%. Hopefully by doing this each month BOA will decide to make the card unsecured prior to the 1 year marker. I've seen many posts stating BOA  unsecured a card after 8-9 months with good utilization and payment history. After opening 3 new accounts within the last 6 months and having 4 hard pulls within the last 2 months I've decided to take a seat in the garden with the wonderful garden supporters and remain there for at least 1 year.


As always I wish everyone great success with their credit journey!!!Smiley Happy

Starting Score: Nov. 2012 585
Current Score: EQ 733 EX 777 TU 743 Goal Score: 750+

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Re: September Check In Thread

Havn't checked in for a while but have been keeping an eye on things so here it goes. Met with a lender in June to come up with a plan. Started the year with an Eq. score of 586 (unsure on the others but about the same). Lender pulled all 3 scores on 6/6/13 Eq 646 TU 633 EX 665. Still not good enough, but showed great progress. Since that time had public record age off on TU and collection age off on all. Current scores as of today are Eq. 655 (myfico unchanged since july) and Tu 681. Continuing to keep utilization around 5% on my firstprogess and pay in full.

Starting Score: 584
Current Score: 655
Goal Score: 660

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Re: September Check In Thread

Hello, everyone. Smiley Happy

With much inspiration, I registered for this website (and forum) today after reading so many helpful tips throughout the year.

I am currently 23, in school, and work full-time as well. 


I just started building my credit 11 months ago (still a baby), and recently checked my fico score to find a 716 @ a 7% UTIL. I'm not quite sure what a good score is, since I am still learning to play the game, but hopefully I am on the right track. I can say that the main thing bringing my score down would be 'credit history.'

I applied for a second credit card just last week, and was told that I would temporarily drop a few points until some time passed.

I am hoping to improve my scores in the 'credit history' and 'mix of credit' components, so wish me luck!


I look forward to this journey with Y'ALL.






Starting Score: EQ 716
Current Score: EQ 716
Goal Score: EQ 750+

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Re: September Check In Thread

Welcome Psydro!!   


Maybe take a look at this thread.  Lots of good info on how credit scoring is done. Sounds like you are on track for 750.

My Cards: CSP: $5,000 // Hyatt: $5,000 // Cap1 Venture: $5,000 // US Bank Plat: $3,500 // Discover: $1,000 // AMEX BCE: $1,000 // Lowes: $5,500 // Furniture Row: $3,500 // Buckle Store Card: $750

Current MyFico Scores: EX 687 EQ 696 TU 687 Gardening from 5/15 till 5/16

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Re: September Check In Thread

Glad you are with us Psydro. Feel free to make comments, record your own insights, and I hope you get a lot out of this forum.

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