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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

Count me in!


My credit scores were in the 400's just 3 months ago and I worked hard to raise them to the beginning 600's..I'm paying all of my credit cards off to $0 and keeping them open.


I have 2 auto loans in good standing and 1 final AMEX Delta Platinum credit card to pay overall utilization for January's reporting will fall from 79% to 31% when the CCs report 4 out of 5 paid to $0!


Planning to garden and pay car loans down and watch my scores continue to rise, rise, rise! I'm all in for the FICO Challenge!!

AMEX Platinum- NPSL // AMEX Gold- NPSL // NFCU Visa Signature cashRewards- $5,800 // AMEX Delta Platinum- $4,200 // NFCU More Rewards AMEX- $1,000 // Credit One Platinum Visa Rewards- $1,000 // Discover IT Chrome- $1,000 // Sunbit Visa- $1,000 // Capital One Venture- $3,550 // AMEX Cash Magnet Card- $1,000 // Venmo Credit Card- $1,200 // Capital One Spark- $500 // Fifth Third Bank MC- $300 // NFCU nRewards- $250
Starting Transunion Score: 548
Current Transunion Score: 642
Goal Transunion Score: 775

Take the myFICO Fitness ChallengeStarting Experian Score: 588
Current Experian Score: 623
Goal Experian Score: 775

Take the myFICO Fitness ChallengeStarting Equifax Score: 554
Current Equifax Score: 627
Goal Equifax Score: 775

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

I'm not sure if this should go here or in the January check-in thread.

I've blabbed about where I am and where I want to go, in general, on both threads without laying out specific goals. So here they are.


By the end of the first quarter (end of March):

AZE2 - All but two credit card accounts showing a zero balance.

Those two below 50% UTL.

Those two are 0% interest.

Aggregate UTL under 10%. (That will be the tough part.)

No (more) new credit cards.


Starting Score: EQ8 680, TU8 713, EX8 701
Current Score: EQ8 736, TU8 743, EX8 735
Goal Score: EQ8 780, TU8 780, EX8 780

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!


A new year. It's been a slower then hoped start into our take back our finances these past couple months. 


My main goal is to pay down debt, lots of debt, mainly cc, though we have quite a bit of student loans. My utilization is at 87% I hope to get it down to 50%.  

  • paying off 5 smaller balanced cards 
  • paying the rest down to the next % groupings. 

We are also trying to pay down a chunck of my husband's CC debt also. 


The goal is to get my score up so I can qualify for a decent car loan and hopefully mortgage scores will go up so we can refiance. 

Starting Score: 633
Current Score: 638
Goal Score: 700

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

Hello all 👐🏼 This is my first challenge, I already posted in the January check outlining my goals..but I’ll outline my why’s here.

Last year at beginning of Covid I decided to finally take the reigns on my credit. With the help of YNAB I took responsibility for my budgeting and I raised my scores across the board an average 70pts by paying off the remaining ever lingering balances on two CCs. I was now in the mid 650-715 range. I only had a embarrassing low limit Macy’s store card, and an AMEX optima card. (I don’t consider my CareCredit 1/2018 since that was strictly for medical purposes).

So I started applying for new credit cards after not have any new lines of credit in almost a decade. I now knew take advantage of SUBs and cash back opportunities.

11/20 Discover blessed me $4500 SL and Chase Freedom Unlimited granted me $500 SL. That was the signal that something was still off and there was more for me to learn.

As if right now I have 4 relatively new credit lines (I also got Chase FF $500 SL and the Amex Cash Magnet $1000 in January 2021 ).

I’m not applying for anything new and will just garden my current cards by increasing their credit lines. I’m taking advantage of the 0% APRs on all of my cards (currently 3 of 4 have balances but I’m mindful of my utilization rate and they are all mostly under 30%).

By April the largest balance - Discover will be paid off entirely and I’ll only rotate at max two cards at a time and stick to the AZEO method.

I’d like to hit 775 and above range with my scores, lower my utilization rate and keep it in the 1%~9% zone.

I thinking it’s best to not apply for anything new until at minimum Nov 2021 if at all.

I’m so happy I found this forum it’s truly life changing! 🤗

1st Garden: Started January 2021
2nd Garden: Sept 2021 I’m returning to the garden - Doing a minimum of a year until 10/22 which will be 12 months post my newest 2 HPs

Scores as of 7.27.21
Experian: 760 Transunion: 732 Equifax: 741
Current Cards:
Macy’s Store:
$15000 - CLI $100>$2K>$4K>$8>$13K w P.C. to Amex >$15k
Care Credit: $1800 (Sock drawer)
Discover It: $4500
Chase Freedom Unlimited: $1000 (sock drawer)
AMEX Cash Magnet: $3000
Chase Freedom Flex: $1000
Amex Blue Business Cash: $2000
FNBO Evergreen Rewards Signature Visa Card: $10,000
Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card: $9,000

Wishlist Cards:
AMEX Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant || AMEX Platinum || AMEX Blue Cash Preferred || Wells Fargo Propel American Express || U.S.Bank Altitude Go || Chase Sapphire Preferred || Citibank Double Cash
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

Hi all! I've been an off and on lurker on the forums for the past year. Not sure if I should post this here or in the January check in, so I may do both.  


Brief summary: I started 2020 with a goal to get financially fit. I had been following the Dave Ramsey no credit plan previously in my life and was derailed by a divorce (five years ago) and then two years of partial employment why I cared for my mother and two ailing grandparents all on hospice around the same time. 

Needless to say, started with no score/thin profile. Pulled my reports and found $600 in derogs ($400 in cable equipment fees and $200 in misc. medical) all scheduled to fall off within the next year or so. 

I originally applied for a Disco IT secured, but got caught in the "unable to verify taxes" issue, which confounded me. I ended up going on a spree for several new card, bringing my current limit to $2200 approximately. 

Then covid hit our area pretty hard and I ended up using the cards to supplement loss of income. Though I'm carrying high balances, everything is current with no late/missed payments. I'm currently working on a plan to have these balances PIF within 60-90 days. From there I plan to work a 1-9% utilization plan with PIF every month.


My goal this year is to raise my scores and help my new wife win with her credit as well. I plan on adding her as an AU to my cards and working on her derogs (most of which are gone). 

My personal goal is to raise my scores to at least 640 across the board and eventually finance a decent used car with a good rate since I'm still on the DR method of cheap cash cars. 


Any advice or pointers to forum topics/posts are always appreciated!

Starting Score:Thin File - No Score
Current Score:EQ8 584 TU8 616 EX 629
Goal Score:640 across the board

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

Hi all!


My goal in 2021 is to pay off my two CC chargeoffs and complete student loan rehab.  The extension through the end of September by the President is going to allow me to save the money I would have been paying during rehab.  I'm going to have some bad marks and missed payments for a number of years, but I figure all I can do is be good going forward and age into better credit.


My starting FICOs are in the 560 to 605 range.  I don't really have a FICO goal for this year because I'm not sure how much the end of SL rehab will impact my scores in the short term.

Starting FICO8 (1/21): EX 567 | EQ 597 | TU 620
Current FICO8 (4/21): EX 615 | EQ 630 | TU 647
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

Hi All,

I am new to the Challenge but not new to the myFICO forums. I've struggled with my Credit Rating ever since I got divorced a long time ago. Now that my "official" child support obligations have ended, I have been able to work on fixing this.


First, I just put in a random number for my goal score. I don't know what it possible. Hopefully, I can surpass that.


My Goals:

  1. Rebuild my emergency fund.
  2. Pay off my Harley. 
  3. Save for a Small Vacation. (I have not had a Vacation since the late 1990's) A week long Camping/Riding/Fishing trip will be affordable.
  4. Pay Off at least 30% of Credit Card balances and Consolidate to a Lower Interest cards if possible.



Starting Score: 658
Current Score: 658
Goal Score: 710

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

My end goal for 2021 is to be in a good place for my wife and I to get approved for either a mortgage (if the market swings back to buyers) or a construction loan so we can buy land and build, so in order to be set up for that I hope to increase my income from "starving artist" salary to something more steady and predictable, pay down my student loan more aggressively, and continue to use the cards I have responsibly and make them work for me. I have a decent rewards rotation setup at the moment so I plan on finding just the right usage strategies to get cash back for making all the purchases we would normally be making anyway. After a fairly modest app history of 1 in 2018, 1 the beginning of 202, and 1 in October 2020, I jumped on two apps in the same day. Approved for one, and waiting on the results of the other that has gone to an underwriter (@ US Bank, fingers tensely crossed), but no matter the outcome of that one, I'm going to stick with what I've got and not add any more inquiries this year until it's time to start contacting loan lenders. Into the garden I go! I really love the mantra "finances over FICO" because I have witnessed how money can be a ball and chain if you let yourself have to constantly work for it, rather than making it work for you.

Cards are shown in chronological order of opening, 2014 - 2021.

Starting Score: 657
Current Score: 760 TU 748 EQ
Goal Score: 800+

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!



New Member here and ready to move forward to my best credit everSmiley Very Happy


Starting Score: TU8 624, EX8 592, EQ8 564
Current Score: TU8 673, EX8 614, EQ8 608
Goal Score: TU8 800, EX8 800, EQ8 800

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge 2021!

February 2021, 631 eq / 638 trans / 655 exp


gardening till 2022



Starting Score: 533
Current Score: 666 (March 2021)
Goal Score: 780

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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