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700 Club!

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700 Club!

I've been a few points shy for a while, but at last, I am now a full member of the 700 club. Smiley Happy


Back in September - November 2018, my Equifax sat from 694 - 698. Some 30/60/90 day delinquencies from January - April 2012 have recently aged off, and now it stands at 780 - an 82 point difference. I hope they also age off TransUnion in February.


I pray I never make a late payment again. 


Personal cards:

Business cards:

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Re: 700 Club!


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Re: 700 Club!

That's an impressive jump, welcome to the club.

"Total revolving credit $286,000 Current UTIL >1%"
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Re: 700 Club!

Congrats, that's a really nice jump. I should be able to put all mine over soon. EX and EQ have just been hanging right at the edge for a while.

Started Rebuild 4/2018: EX 616| TU 604| EQ 621

Current 5/28/20:

First Goal Score: 750+ Reached 3/2019

Next Goal all over 800
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Re: 700 Club!


FICO 8 (Feb 2018):EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545
FICO 8 (Sept 2022):EX- 706, TU- 685, EQ- 684
What's in my wallet:

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Re: 700 Club!

Congratulations! I remember when I joined the 700 Club. It was a really good feeling after so many years.


Almost as good as the feeling when I got my first-ever auto loan at 0% APR. That's one of the many benefits of your 700 Club membership!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: 700 Club!

Congrats 🎉
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