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760 Score Down to 726 | Recovery Time

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760 Score Down to 726 | Recovery Time

The reasons:
-- I went from 0% CU to 21% CU
-- gotten a new, $18K personal loan from AMEX (paid first 2 out of 36 installments)
-- had three new inquiries (one being "misc." from the rental company)
AAofA 1 year 4 months
Oldest 2 years 5 months
Cards / Credits / Limits:
Wells Fargo, $4,200.00
Capital One Silver, $3,000.00
Capital One Ventura, $5,000.00 <-- a new card, from a month ago, not yet in the CR)
AMEX personal loan, $18,000.00 amount paid $1,200.00 so far
AMEX Platinum charge with $30,000.00 max for Pay over time option, unused and not a part of CR.
(zero derogatory issues)

While I usually pay the cards off in full, I will deliberately leave CU at 14.75% in January and will take it to 0% in February and keep it at zero in March. I want to see the score fluctuation in action. Three inquires would go off the CR in January and I will be left with 2 on TU and 1 on EQ.

I plan to finance one small project, about $10K, in March / April of this year. For that I'd like a new, APR 0% card or two with the total limit of up to $10K. What do you guys think are my chances? What should be my targets if you think I have a chance?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: 760 Score Down to 726 | Recovery Time

I would lower you're DTI.


21% is not too bad, but the lower the better. Do not sound like a risk. So far I do not see a reason they will not issue for what you want.

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