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I started my credit journey a little more than 1.5 years ago with a Discover Chrome.

About 3 months ago a SSA debt came back to haunt me. It was my new oldest account at 5.7 years. I got it resolved. Last month it was a $0 balance, so the CB that it reported to jumped quite a bit.

A few minutes ago I got a new scorecard for TU(it didn't report there at all) and the score dropped 20 points.

I keep my limits in check. They may have deleted the account(and the age) I can think of this being the one time a zeroed closed account actually helped me and now hurt me.

I won't see the change to Experian until the report refreshes next month and the credit monitor for EQ hasn't alerted me yet.
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Re: AAoA

It sounds like the bigger factor isn't AAoA here, but rather AoOA.  Your AoOA dropping from 5.x years to 1.x years is significant, as it suggests you have 5X less history/experience with credit.  That of course can impact your score.  AAoA no doubt drops as well once your oldest account is removed, but that's secondary to AoOA IMO.

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Re: AAoA

This is al so confusing. When it hit EX and EQ my scores dropped like a rock; almost 100 points each. I got it corrected within 2 months time and I thought they'd bounce back as significantly as they dropped. EX and EQ bounced back 25 points or so, but TU(where it didn't report) actually dropped 20.


TBH, I'm just hoping none of my CC take AA.

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