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ANGRY myFICO Customer

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Re: ANGRY myFICO Customer

haulingthescoreup wrote:
There sure hasn't been a lot of consumer-friendly activity going on in the last 7 years, IMHO.

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Re: ANGRY myFICO Customer

haulingthescoreup wrote:

typist wrote:
I'm sorry. I'm confused. I thought MyFICO updates your account via email whenever the score changes or something happens to your report?
I've been getting emails when my score has gone up. And I got an email recently after I purchased something large on one of my cards.

A lot of us got them initially, and then they sort of petered out. (This is ScoreWatch.) I still get an occasional twitch, but not as many as there should be.

I am getting a couple a month as my score is going up and down by 7 points depending on the phase of the moon  Smiley Happy
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