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? About Washington Mutual

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Re: ? About Washington Mutual

applegbt wrote:
Similar situation here.  My TransUnion pfico from Washington Mutual is now 742.  I pulled all three scores here at myFICO and got the following results:
TransUnion: 705
Experian: 700
Equifax: 695

Hi applegbt and rangerdavid --welcome to the forums! apple, your straight FICO scores are quite close together, which isn't all that common. The three FICO scores generally don't match, even with identical credit reports, because each CRA uses a slightly different formula which reflects what they feel is important in predicting credit risk. My three young adult kids all have differing scores (for each kid, of course), and their reports are quite short, since the oldest is only 24. But they each still have a difference of 30 - 35 points between their lowest and highest.

rangerdavid, since you're comparing two different types of FICO scores (regular vs credit-card enhanced) AND two different credit bureaus (EQ and TU), and the TU PFICO is one month behind, you've wound up with way different scores. One thing that you should do, though, is pull all three of your credit reports, print them out, lay them side-by-side and check through for errors, varying dates, and stuff like that. If you've never pulled your scores before, you can get your once-a-year freebies at annualcreditreport-dot-com. Otherwise you can go directly to each credit bureau site and pay $8-10 for a single credit report, period. These will be the full reports that show soft inquiries and other things that you won't get from a credit-monitoring site like TrueCredit or PrivacyMatters. (Or myFICO for that matter.)

Don't bother with the scores --only EQ will sell you a FICO; the other two sell FAKO's. hth
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Re: ? About Washington Mutual

What is the date of the score from WAMU? They pull that score once a month so the only fair comparison could be done on that date, just a suggestion.
FICO scores on November 17, 2014 (prior to applying for and being approved my mortgage)


FICO scores on March 4, 2015 after being approved for mortgage and buying the home, the mortgage isn't yet reporting.
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