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Amex Fico


Amex Fico

So the wife gets a revolver with Amex and the FICO comes because we got the middle tier, I guess.  


Key factor that contributed to score:

#1 = number of accounts with delinquency.  


So I go pull a fresh experian.  NONE listed!  Unless you consider a 30 day late in 2006 - but I though that only hit FICO scores for 2 years.  


Any ideas smart people?!

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Goal Score: 760 all 3

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Re: Amex Fico

Negative items affect your score for as long as they remain on your credit report. 

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Re: Amex Fico

Moved to understanding FICO scoring.
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Re: Amex Fico

   Sounds like you have a really clean credit report and the model had to grasp at straws and split hairs to find anything to be critical of you about. Sometimes when you have a really good score it messes the part of the scoring that provides an analysis of negative and positive contributors to your score. I would take it with a grain of salt to throw in another figure of speech to a response which is already full of them.

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