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An envious vent...

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An envious vent...

I have an envious vent lol.


My hubby only has 2 CC's a Discover card with a $6000CL and the other is a Chase Freedom $500CL We both have our house (2yrs 3m) and Van (1yr 3m) payment on our reports and an old Chase card that's closed from 1999 (reports good.)


He got these cards not that long ago Discover 6/11 and Chase 8/11


My enviousness is he isn't caught up in fico scores like me and he got his TU score here and he is 754 with a 31% utilization!!!! I could only imagine what it would be if he was <9% I'm happy for him don't get me wrong.... but he don't even try and his scores rock!



Ok vent over lol

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Re: An envious vent...

Good for him, and for you since you probably will have joint apps for things in the future Smiley Happy

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Re: An envious vent...

Yes that is true aim smileysThanks

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Re: An envious vent...

I agree!!! My fiance who does not know anything about credit (I've recently educated her to the best of my ability) has an 806 credit score!?!? Are you kidding me!???! She's an AU on her parents 15 year old Chase card with a 64k limit that's been PIF with no lates... (IDK how they got a 64k limit when her parents combined income is less than 50k?!?) and he she has a barclays card for her imac for school which is now paid all the way down and a citi student card with a 5k limit... But basically no work and boom 806 score

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Re: An envious vent...

Ok my turn for an envious vent.


Pal of mine who i work with in his late 20's just did a refi and his scores were EQ 791 EX 805 and TU 798 as pulled by LO.


He doesnt have any clue of credit scoring so I talked to him about it and told him I was very jealous of his scores. He said what's the big deal ??


He has had his mortgage 2 years now and he was refinancing for a 15 yr fixed. He has two cars; one paid off and one about 50% left and check this one only 1 credit card with BOA with a 25K CL and he charges about $100 a month just to keep it active. He doesnt know anythng about utilization, etc. How the heck doesn he get those scores with 1 credit card? I thought one needed abour 2-3?


But to his credit he said he has always paid everything on time. But he doesnt realize how good his scores are. He was indifferent to them.

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Re: An envious vent...

Most of these sound as if they are very thin credit files. My daughter was over 800 with one credit card.


Thin files can often garner these high scores.

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Re: An envious vent...

Well, you have actually given us some hope for building a good credit score farily quickly.  Our credit file will be considered somewhat thin, though there is still reporting an old Discover Card TL from back in the 90's that is in good standing which will hopefully help the AAofA concerns.  We are just going to keep looking up!

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Re: An envious vent...

LynetteM wrote:

Most of these sound as if they are very thin credit files. My daughter was over 800 with one credit card.


Thin files can often garner these high scores.

Yes both my DH and I have thin files. Our house being the oldest at 2yrs 3months The thing helping us is an old Chase card from 1999 that reports on TU and EX for the both of us but not on EQ hence the lower score on EQ. 



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Re: An envious vent...

Mekicat - I am going to insert my own 'envious vent aka/ People that don't know what FICO is'   story.  Hope you don't mind the hijack.


Went to my shrink tonight and was lamenting about my new FICO addiction and he was using his scripted response: "i hear you say you're spending too much time on the...FICA forum..."


So I go: "What?!!!!!!!!  You don't know what FICO is?  (He's an MD btw).  "Oh you mean credit number?" (I lie not here, dear reader.  This is verbatim.  Credit number???).


  "Yes", I say, "Your credit score, what is your credit score?"


He starts puffing out the mighty doctor chest ...and replied, "It's 950!" 


So I say, "No, that's not a real FICO score, you see, they sell fake scores online, and you can only get your real score.....blah blah blah... (You guys know the routine, right???)


He tells me I'm wrong and he's right.  The guy won't budge!  Finally  I nearly scream: "Do you know how ________'ing irritated I am right now that you don't believe me?  Do you know how many minutes I've spent on that website reading about the FICO?"


He then looks, sits back, deep breath,  "But I went straight to the Transunion website."    Poor guy. 


We then moved along in our FICO-speak, and I was able to get my shrink to disclose personal information his credit life.  I heard the story about a bill that he never got (The whole, I MOVED THING...we hear it every day around here)....he told me "But I contested it."  CONTEST?? ?  DISPUTE buddy, dispute.  He also wanted to know if the Macy's account he opened to get 200 bucks off luggage "Is going to hurt me if it just floats around out there."

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Re: An envious vent...

I know this is an old thread, but I am in the envy situation myself right now. I know someone who never checked their scores, thin but clean credit file, and scores I would kill for. At least he recognizes how good this is and how important it is to stay the course.


Here's a question though: How bad a thing IS a thin credit file, especially if your scores are up in the totally golden zone?

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