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Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

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Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

Hi all,


I'm new to myfico and after searching for a while I haven't been able to find this answer.


I am an authorized user on 2 accounts. Payment histories and Utilization on those cards are flawless. When looking on my fico score; the limit, utilization and payment history of those cards aren't being used at all.



Amazon Card (My Card): Limit $200, 44% utilization at 88 dollars

Chase Card (Authorized User): $14,400, 1% Utilization

Discover Card (Authorized User): $15,000, 1% Utilization


My Fico Ultilization: 44%


Currently looking at only Experian data.


Does Authorized User not contribute to anything? Is there no point of me being an Authorized User?

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Re: Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

Becoming an AU is usually used to lengthen one’s credit history. Take a look at your AoOA and AAoA and see if the ages of your AU cards are being factored into that. I don’t know if utilization is ever factored in - if so it may vary by lender?

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Re: Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

The front-end summary page of a CMS (Credit Monitoring Service) doesn't necessarily reveal what the actual scoring algorithm is doing on the back end.  It sounds like the myFICO CMS summary page ignores AU cards.  The FICO 8 algorithm might be counting them (or might be ignoring them).  If you want, we can describe a test you can do that will enable you to figure that out.

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Re: Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

I know for a fact utilization is included, at least on mine.  I've been an AU on 2 cap 1 cards with limits of 30,500.  They have been at 0 utlization and then recently, when the card had 6k utilization it dropped my score by 8 points.  Went down to 3 and it went up 4 points.  I was removed as AU as of this morning so I am interested to see what happens.  


I calculated my aaoa and those cards were not included.   The only thing it was calculated for in my scoring was the total credit and utilzation.

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Re: Authorized User & Credit Limit/Utilization

My daughter has one card of her own with about 60% util on a $4.5k limit. She was also an AU on one of my cards with a 7k CL that was mostly maxed out. When we removed her from that card and added her as an AU on a different card that was PIF with a 31k CL, her FICO score went up about 35-40 points. That was in spite of some loss of AAoA and reseting AoYA from 3 years to zero. The first card showed on her account as 25 years old, the second as of the date the AU was added. 

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