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Authorized accounts


Authorized accounts

I just pulled my credit report (just starting the rebuilding process.) There were 2 Authorized User accounts with Chase that I am no longer on that had 95% utilization. I just called and had them remove those from my credit files. Just curious how much of an impact this could have? The balances on those accounts were $15k and $8500

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Re: Authorized accounts

I see that your question didn't get any replies.

In the future, if you see your thread going down the page to the next, just reply to your post with the word "Bump". 

That way your thread will bump up, to the top of the board and hopefully someone will answer your post..


Moving this thread to "Understanding FICO scoring", because I believe scoring is he main focus of your post.



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Re: Authorized accounts

Since the thread was not moved I will post a reply.  If your credit report was pulled here there is a section called what is hurting your score. If there is a reason referring to credit utilizaton being too high getting these accounts reomoved should have a big impact.  The score factors are listed in order of impact from highest to lowest.  You should get in my opinion a nice increase in your score. If possible you can use a score simulator to see what the impact would be in points. The simulator will give you an approximate range.  Hope this helps

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