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Auto Enhanced Scores

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Auto Enhanced Scores

Though I have had Credit it some form or other for 13 years, I have never had an Auto loan (my parents bought my first cars and I paid cash for the rest). How badly is this going to hurt me on my Auto FICOs?
I currently have
EQ 634
TU 624
EX 671
I was going to use GTE FCU because they always pull EX but I am wondering if I should try to clean up a little more before applying. If there could be a drastic reduction in my EX score due to no Auto loan history, I don't want to apply now.
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Re: Auto Enhanced Scores

Most of the time lenders will use an auto-enhanced FICO score when applying for an auto loan. These scores might be higher or lower than the FICO scores you pull at this site. A good auto history, a higher auto enhanced score, a bad auto history the lower your scores.  I suspect since you never had an auto loan your auto scores will be lower than your regular FICO scores. For more info read Tuscani's thread below.
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