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Let's say you have a charge card, a flexible spending card and a regular card. I call the latter a regular card because it's used for util while the other two are not. If say only the flexible spending card reports a balance, a credit bureau may well comment that "There are no recent balances on your revolving credit accounts." This happened to me not long ago. So it appears that it doesn't make any difference whether the regular card alone reports a balance or they all do. What do you think?

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Re: Balances

The scenario with a twist. Let's say you have two flexible spending cards and a regular card. One of the flexible spending cards does not report the credit limit. My experience shows that the card with the limit is ignored for util by TU98 while the high balance of the other without the limit is considered. That's a wee bit nutty. I think both cards are used for util by EQ and neither by EX. The one thing there that I'm not entirely sure of is if the flexible spending card without a reported credit limit is ignored for util by EX. It probably is. (It turns out EX actually uses it for util.)

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