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Can anyone please help me?

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Can anyone please help me?

My mother who is not that computer friendly put her ss # and her birthdate in...(I watched her...she did it correctly) and we answered all the q's etc to establish her identity...we get her credit score...but at the top it says it is for her MOTHER'S name (my mother has the same name as her mother but different middle initial) so basically - I am so confused - since we put my mom's ss # and her bday and all the accurate info...why does it give my grandma's name and ... credit score? Or is this really my mom's credit score.  Who can help me figure this out. I am trying to help my mom get a home and we just need her credit score. I would appreciate any helpful feedback - I really need help.  Thank you and bless anyone who reads this. Cat Happy

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Re: Can anyone please help me?

Welcome to the forums.


It would help to know where you are talking about.  Here on myFICO, at the CRAs?

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