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Can someone explain?

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Can someone explain?

I waited for an entire year, paying everything on time, not getting anything new.

EX FICO finally was over the 620 threshold (625).

Eagerly called mortgage company, who delivered the bad news.

The EX score had actually DROPPED!

Here's what was sent to me:


Score Source Brand Type Date Range

611 Transunion Classic 04 FICO 8/28/2013 309-839

589 Equifax BEACON 5 FICO 8/28/2013 334-818

555 Experian Fair Isaac V2 FICO 8/28/2013 320-844



EX: 625

TU: 625

EQ: 589 --this is the only one that matched.


Now, there was a late payment from a closed account(how that happens is beyond me) but that was dealt with in the same month. Score watch reflects the drop and subsequent rebound. I should also point out that every month I buy new reports from myfico, get excited, and call eht emortgage company, who then tell me to wait. This has happened since March of this year. I have paid things off, and kept things on time, except for that one account. PFD was unsuccessful.


That will really kill the mood on a day off from work.


If this cycle continues, I guess I'm never going to refinance. Smiley Sad

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Re: Can someone explain?

Your EQ score would be the only one that matched. 


The other 2 scores are different scoring models than what most lenders use.  The TU here is TU98 and the EX is the newest 08 version.  Most mortgage lenders use the models that they quoted you.

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Re: Can someone explain?

That's a mighty big gap on the EX score. How do I fix this?

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Re: Can someone explain?

What is on your EX report that can be fixed?


If all 3 of your reports were identical, and the exact same FICO was used, all of your scores would still be different due to the difference in scoring criteria across the 3 CRAs.  Each one has a different way to score things.

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Re: Can someone explain?

In a word, inquireies.


For the last four months, I would see high scores on myfico and excitedly call the mortgage company, who would then deliver the bad news. So, every month three new inquiries would be on the report. I'm looking at it now, and it literally says "too many inquiries". This worries me, because I might have to wait another year for all of them to drop off

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Re: Can someone explain?

If all the inquiries pertained to mortgage hunting, they are scored as 1 by FICO.


Is there anything on any of your reports, other than inquiries, that could be worked on?


The scores on myFICO are not going to be the same, except EQ, as a lender pull.  You found this out.  I would try to improve those scores to what the lender requires.



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Re: Can someone explain?

7/14--one late revolving payment. 

That's it. 

Everything else (mortgage, car) is current.

Even paid off one auto loan--it still shows a balance

Myfico score tracker shows the dip for the late payment, and has since returned to 589. SO, would it continue to increase if all things are kept current?

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Re: Can someone explain?

I would send a GW to see if they will remove that late.


How long ago was the car paid off?  Installment loans don't play much in your score but they should report accurately.


You aren't credited for on time payments, that is expected of you.  But, as your accounts age, yes, you will see increases.


How many CC do you have and what is the overall utilization?

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Re: Can someone explain?

CC's 2-1 with 1500 limit; bal 776. 1 1000 limit; bal 500.

1 student loan, 2 installment loans, 7 merchant/revolving cards

All carry balances over 50$ util, but current all.

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Re: Can someone explain?

GW sent, talked to someone who said the late was valid and would not be removed.

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