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Can't figure out Equifax score

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Can't figure out Equifax score

My EQ score is currently (and consistently) is running 15-20 points behind TU and EX. I am struggling to understand why because those reports contain MORE baddies than EQ. I’m mostly interested in why EQ is so far behind TU, because that is my highest score but my dirtiest report.

I’ve included some data points below. If someone has any insight, please feel free to share. I’ve listed the differences between my credit reports below. I’m really trying to push this score up some.


These 4 baddies are not on EQ. Accounts 1 and 3 are only on TU and Accounts 2 and 4 are on TU and EX.






Account 1 $692

C/O- Still Updating



Account 2 $0

C/O- Not Updating



Account 3 $1295

C/O- Still Updating



Account 4 $0

C/O Not Updating




These accounts are roughly in the middle of my account ages.

Account Ages:

The oldest of my accounts are my student loans, which are showing on all 3 reports.

TU: AAoA 3y3m AoOA 9y1m AoYA 0y1m

EQ: AAoA 3y7m AoOA 9y1m AoYA 0y1m

EX: AAoA 3y4m AoOA 9y1m AoYA 0y1m


Open/Closed Accounts

TU: 19/15

EQ: 19/11

EX: 19/11


I have 3 inquires that will be too old to score this this month (they reach the 12 month mark) on EQ, but I’m not sure I’ll see too many points out of that- maybe 3? 


Based on these differences, does anyone have any idea why this score is moving sooo much slower than the other 2? The scores in my sig are current.

Thanks for any help!



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Re: Can't figure out Equifax score

I am in the same boat.


I could be wrong, but I don't think all the credit-reporting agencies use the same formula, hence the discrepancies you are experiencing. 


This article may offer insight:

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Re: Can't figure out Equifax score

There seem to be differences in the way each CRA treats different items. for example, I'm fairly certain the TU treats high utilization on loans differently than the other two. I'm sure there are other differences that the others implement that I have not seen on my reports.

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