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CapOne not updating

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CapOne not updating


I currently have a toy CapOne card that refuses to update. I called CapOne and they assured me they are reporting. I got my card in August and I used it and then did a PIF. I accidentally had a small balance of $19 report in September and it refuses to come off even though there has been no balance since it reported in Sept. CapOne told me they froze cards from reporting due to the hurricane (Florida) but that they have since resumed reporting and that they only stopped for one month.

They suggested I call the CRAs! I replied there is no problem other then your not reporting nor have been since Spet. the only month it shows up on my current reports. They then told me it could take up to 30 days after their freeze to which I replied it's been well over! Any advise on what I should do next? I had a supervisor file an investigation which apparently can take 60 more days to complete. She also sent me letters stating the current balance is zero just in case I was thinking of a mortgage... Gee thanks CapOne.  Its bothering me because now I have two balances reporting.. even though I'm still at 1% utilzation. 

Starting Score: Fico 08 Sept. 18th EX 668 // TU 697 // EQ 677
Current Score: Fico 08 Dec. 6th EX 707 // TU 762 // EQ 749
Goal Score: 760's across the board
Credit since Apr. 2017: $66.3K
Utilization: 1%

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Re: CapOne not updating

There is another thread here on the same question you have.  My last card finally reported yesterday. As each statement cuts lately. C1 has updated. Sorry no one answered you.

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