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Change CC due dates for ease of AZEO?

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Re: Change CC due dates for ease of AZEO?

Sometimes we will charge something the day before or on the due date and have it report when we really didn't want it to report.

 I used to EXTREMELY worry about this, but since I am not applying for anything soon (mortgage, auto), I dont worry about it TOO MUCH anymore. When those closing dates are coming near, I just make sure my tank is full of gas, groceries are stock, etc. If I have to purchase something small last minute, I use my AZEO daily driver.

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Re: Change CC due dates for ease of AZEO?

I did not say I was already doing "what you were talking about." You had asked for people with a clean profile, exactly one open loan, multiple cards that were willing to go from AZEO to all cards with balances. I posted in my info in response to that request. You did say 15, 12,  was better, BUT that 8 was good enough. I provided info because 6 is close to 8, and even with just six cards... if all are as good as one, there is no reason to AZEO.


I wrongly assumed that my February scores having just proven an AZEO bump of 16pts would make a solid starting point... then going to all cards with balances in March would be a solid comparison and beneficial to your study. 


Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for posting your posting thoughts on all cards with balances... I am going to check it out. 



Hi guys. Really appreciate you chiming in.


Looks like Sjrn was not tracking the thing I have been talking about: namely going from exactly 1 card to all cards.  Rather, he was tracking from 1 to zero, which is well known to cause a score drop.


Oldman has more helpful data, but the simplest check is to simply go from 1 card to All Cards in one big swoop (assuming of course that you have very few loans and many cards).  This lowers the problems of remembering what happened and confounding factors occuring over time (AAoA changing, inquiries falling off or adding, new accounts coming on or turning one year old, etc.).


I hope Jamie can experiment with going from 1 card to 10 cards in one big jump (even better if he can do that with his wife too).  Jamie only has two open loans so it will be going from 3 accounts to 13 -- not quite as revealing as 2 to 12 but still very helpful.






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Re: Change CC due dates for ease of AZEO?

sjrn, based on your posts above, I don't think you got an AZEO bump, what you got were points you lost by accidentally going into all zero, which has been known by most accounts. An AZEO bump would be going from multiple accounts to one account reporting.
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Re: Change CC due dates for ease of AZEO?

AZEO bump [going from multiple cards with reported balances to just 1] < bump received from going from AZ (all zero) to AZEO.


I have yet to see someone reference the converse to this statement above.

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