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Collections paid in full

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Collections paid in full

I would like to know why Fair Issacs doesn't give credit for paying a collection in full. I owed a debt which went to collections. My credit score dropped about 100 points. Why didn't my credit score increase when I paid the debt in full?  If I'm being punished then I should be rewarded too! Thanks!
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Re: Collections paid in full

skykin, you might want to try what I just did. I called the Recovery Department of the cc in question.... talked to them, explained the situation, and they are removing the 'baddie' from my cr. The system works. It prolly won't get removed until you TRY to get it removed. Takes deliberate action on your part. I would think(but just an assumption on my part) the older the collection, the easier it is to have the 'baddie' taken off. I'm new here too. Best of luck to you!
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