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Hello, any guesses to what this will do to my credit score?
2 collections deleted (the only collections I have)
1 60 day and 1 30 day student loan late deleted
the only other negatives on my CR are three 30 day lates that occurred approx 1 yr ago fm student loan.
Any guesses to where my score will be? It is currently 617 EQ. 
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Re: Collections..

It would probably depend on the age of the CAs and lates. I bet if the lates are less than two years, then you'd probably see up to a 10-20 point bump. CAs are hard to guage. Some say 50 points after 7 years, while others have said 50 points after a year or two (based on their experiences). It also depends on the number you have as well. If these were your last two, at least 50 points in total, probably more.
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