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Confused and needing guidance

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Confused and needing guidance

I am desperately trying to raise my credit score after years of neglect and stupidity time and time again. I have been reading over various threads for the last couple of months and have some questions as to how to move my score upwards and when or when not to take action.
What date do you go off of for know when a negative mark will be removed from your account, and is it 7 or 7.5yrs that it will be removed?
How do you get a judgement removed from CR?
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Re: Confused and needing guidance

Whoops! Sorry - didn't mean to post so soon.
 - I have 3 accounts all with a DLA of 02/01 - but the  "status of" dates vary.  If they will come off in Feb., then I will just relax and anxiously await to see how that will impact my score.
I have 11 accounts (only 3 accounts have balances), 6 collections, and 2 public records(both judgements have been satisfied) not to mention an embarassing EQ score of 515.  I know that I have a lot of mending to do and am prepared to write the necessary PFDs and GW letters, but if I do and the requests are denied, does that change the date from which they are removed?
I did just get an unsecured CC w/ a whopping CL of $300 which I know will help build and have been through the dispute process with all 3 CRA's with no luck.
2 of my negative accounts that are reporting are the same companies that my judgements are from - can anything be done to remove at least one of those? Will it do anything for my score?
I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can to help raise my score. I know that time is needed to do serious mending, but my husband and I would like to buy a home hopefully next year and I would really like to be able to be on the mortgage.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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