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Frequent Contributor FICO "Estimate" Accuracy

For a while I'd been trying to register at  Finally it let me and I was given the standard FAKO but beneath it was a button to show FICO and Vantage Score estimates.  The Vantage differs +11 points above my CK Vantage but what really caught my eye was the FICO estimate: a 733.  In December Amex cited a TU 680 so it's quite surprising to see this at 733.  


So my question is, how close to any FICO is the estimate, and which variety of FICO (Beacon 5, 08, etc...) does it most closely match?  I realize it's an estimate which means FAKO but still curious.



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Re: FICO "Estimate" Accuracy

FYI and this is just one snapshot... myFICO EQ pull last week was 727, today estimated FICO was 730. So it looks pretty good for me, but they have slightly different details from my credit report from myFICO, (e.g. 1 hard pull v 2, etc..)

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Re: FICO "Estimate" Accuracy

In my experience, the estimate was nearly spot on with my EQ score.

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Re: FICO "Estimate" Accuracy

Since gives you an Experian credit score, shouldn't the estimated FICO be Experian also?

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Re: FICO "Estimate" Accuracy

Speaking of, I recently signed up but it won't show me anything...anytime I go to the dashboard it says that I failed verification questions, even though I was never asked any.  I then click to answer a new set, put in my address, BD, and SSN, and it says they can't do anything right now.  Did anyone else experience this?  I saw the OP had mentioned that there were issues when signing up.

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