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Credit report and FICO scoring

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Credit report and FICO scoring

My FICO reported an increase on a balance for an account that is not showing on my credit report anymore.


Is it possible that this account is still on my report with one of the other Credit agencies?


the account was recently removed from my report, so maybe i need to wait a little longer for MY FICO to catch up....

Anyone know any info that would help me


Thank you!!!



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Re: Credit report and FICO scoring

MyFICO would only report an increased balance if your account was appearing on either your EQ or TU (depending on which product you're watching/paying for).  If you haven't pulled your reports from in the last 12 months, you should pull the one that is the same as your myfico monitoring to determine what's going on. 

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Re: Credit report and FICO scoring

Its not appearing on my TU, but im not sure about EQ.

Thank you though, I will pull my report that website and see whats going on.



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