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Derogatory vs. Delinquent

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Derogatory vs. Delinquent

I have a question and I cannot find the answer after searching old threads. I have accounts posting as "delinquent" and some other accounts posting as "derogatory". Does "derogatory" mean "charge off"?


Thank you!

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Re: Derogatory vs. Delinquent

I thought derogatory refers to something like a public record, a tax lien for example.
Delinquent seems like directly related to late / non-payment, including charge off?
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Re: Derogatory vs. Delinquent

A delinquency (account 30 - 120 days past due) is a type of deragatory remark (negative item). There are several types of deragatory remarks such as delinquencies, charge offs, collections and bankruptcies.
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Re: Derogatory vs. Delinquent

A delinquency refers to a monthly delinquency, meaning the accout was not paid as agreed for that month.

It can refer to either the current status, or to any prior month under payment history profile where the account was delinquent.


A derog is the broader term used to refer to any adverse information in your credit report.

It can be a monthly delinquency, a charge-off, a collection, or a public record, such as judgment or BK.


Additionally, an account that is currently in good-standing is referred to as a derogatory account if it has any payment history profile showing of prior derogs.

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Re: Derogatory vs. Delinquent

Thank you all for your replies. Much appreciated!

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