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A month or so ago I was overcharged by Delta Airlines. I disputed the charge and the charge was dropped. However, my FICO score dropped by 30 points at the same time. Now, I have two items I paid for by credit card but never received and have to make a decision. While I think it is ridiculous to pay $213.00 for something I never received, I don't want my credit score to drop again. Do I pay the $213 and 'bite the bullet' or do I dispute those charges. BTW, the 800 number for the biller has a recording (this number out of order - I think they closed shop and skeedaddled), so I am not able to rectify this with the biller. Or is there another way to get the charges dropped? Thanks, AL
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Re: Disputes

I would continue to make minimum payments on my credit card and file a dispute with the CRAs.  Otherwise, you will be reported as paying late and in my past experiences, there's nothing you can do about it!  In my opinion, the whole system is confusing!
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