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Does CareCredit affect AU's credit?

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Does CareCredit affect AU's credit?

I was recently approved for a CareCredit card and I want to add my daughter as an AU to improve her credit. I called CareCredit to find out if their card will improve the authorized user's credit as I've read that some cards don't, and the rep told me to ask the credit bureaus. I don't think they can help so do you guys know the answer?

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Re: Does CareCredit affect AU's credit?

I added my wife to my carecredit a couple years ago and it's been showing on all 3 bureaus  ever since. Her score fluctuates when the balance does, so I would think the answer to your question is yes.


It should help her score if managed properly.


CapitalOne Walmart MC Also helps my wife's score as an AU.


I believe the Target store card shows on hers as well as an AU.

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