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EQ Not Updating

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EQ Not Updating

Every year on 01JAN, I access my CRs via  I review each report in detail for balances, open date of each account, closed date of the accounts that I closed, and all other detailed information.  My rebuild after BK7 in 2011 was a disaster and all 3 CRAs had several items wrong.  I tried to fix them but the CRAs gave me the run around until I finally gave up and waited for all the incorrectly recoreded accounts aged off.  


To my surprise, EQ has not updated 3 accounts that were to be removed.  A BoA Mortgage that I refi'd and 2 Student Loans that I paid off during the same refi.  This occured in 2007 so they were due to fall off in AUG17.  So this has been 2 years of bumping my AAOA.  TU and EX removed these 3 accounts on time IIRC.  This adds about 10 months to my AAOA.  My EQ score is about 10 point higher than the other 2 CRAs.


So I guess there is justice in the world after all.  I had 7 years of incorrect accounts listed on all 3 CRAs and they eventually aged off.  These accounts aging off dramatically rasied by scores to the 730-740 range.  So I will ride this out and hopefully they do not catch their mistake until I EE the BK7 in the 2nd half of this year.

F'08 DEC19: EQ709, EX697, TU720; Clean since BK7 D/C 6/2011
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Re: EQ Not Updating

EQ is the wonkiest of the 3 in terms of exclusion of both positive and negative tradelines in my experience.  Will say for my file that's generally worked in my favor, though I'm starting to come up now (in August) where I'm actually losing my oldest tradeline and if I get to keep it for X number of additional years I'll be pleased haha.


On the flipside I'd sorta like it to be excluded on time... science!

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