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Experian - MyFICO Alerts but no change in Score

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Re: Experian - MyFICO Alerts but no change in Score

Thanks BrandonLane! 


I certainly don't want to pay for it to change every second Smiley Happy, but I was thinking about calling Experian to ask for an update and willing to pay for it - I just don't know if I can ask for a FICO calculation update or how.


My score reports will be pulled soon to close on my mortgage by Feb 14th.  I have worked hard the last few months, and specially in December, to pay off cards and get all individual utilizations under 30%.  So, anything I can do to get Experian to give me a little credit for paying off so much debt, I'm willing to try.

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Re: Experian - MyFICO Alerts but no change in Score

@janamom1 wrote:

Thanks Revelate!


Pardon my lack of knowledge.  When you say scorecard, are you referring to my "credit report" (i.e. credit file) with each bureau?


The 5 accounts were revolving accounts: credit cards.  The size of the payments was nearly $5,000 - although I am sure the $$ don't matter as much as the %. 


However, I thought going under 30% utilization individually was as important as well as having an overall utilization under 30%. 

Perhaps I was wrong, and the explanation to the lack of score change is that the overall utilization didn't cross a breakpoint since it only went from 20% to 15%.

The FICO algorithm separates files into scorecards: based on age, based the presense or lack of negatives, possibly a few other things.


I did a lot of utilization testing when I had my tax lien on my report (public record scorecard), but I didn't have any individual revolving tradeline breakpoint at 30%.  Yeah, FICO 8 is all on percentages it appears.


SJ recently did post a datapoint which certainly looks like there is a breakpoint somewhere in there, whereas I didn't  see a drop till north of what he had.  So based on what you have in your file it might make a difference or it might not... scorecard dependant. 

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