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Experian Scores

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Experian Scores

Hello Everyone,
I had a question about Experian scores. I recently bought my score and found out I have a 796. When I first saw this, I was pretty excited. The I noticed that the scoring table for Experian ranges from 501 to 990. So my question is, is my score still good? Is there another type of Experian score that lenders look at? Thank for the help.
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Re: Experian Scores

No, that is not the score most lenders look at.  Stick around long enough you'll hear FAKO vs FICO a lot.  There is a thread at the top of the forum entitled Scoring 101.  It's a long but eye-opening read
Jan 07: tu 498, ex 501, eq 504
Oct 07: tu 716, ex 712, eq 723
Nov 07: tu 693, ex 664, eq 672_post app frenzy
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