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Experian vs TU and EQ

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Experian vs TU and EQ

Feeling very frustrated. I've done my research, cleaned up my credit, paid off old debts, etc. My TU and EQ went up from low 500s to almost 700 now. I have the score alert so I am seeing that its constatnly increasing. I use as well as the Transunion site to monitor my score and report. I have updated\cleaned most of the stuff on all 3 credit reports, but there are two things that are really bothering me and one that I am not sure what the answer is:


1. Experian is still in the mid to upper 500s. TU is showing up as 567 and Experience is showing as 590. All 3 are almost similar, but Experian is just more than a 100 points lower. I don't understand how this can be logical. 

2. Nelnet (may they burn in hell) is showing as "Delinquent" on Experience 4 times (4 different school loans) and 1 time on TU and EQ. These loans are no longer with Netlnet. They have been transferred to another lender. It shows as 120 past due, but from past years, not current. Though it looks like these delinquencies are shown as current when I look at the report and is probably keep my score down because of them. Neither the CRAs nor Nelnet have been able to help.

3. I have a new car loan (lease). How long does it take to show up on my credit report? Would it help my credit?



Any suggestions as to what I can do on item 1 or 2, would be greatly appreciated. I hav been trying to fix past mistakes for the past year. Researching, reading, staying up all night to figure out what I can do to get above 700 on all 3, but so far I am very, very frustrated




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Re: Experian vs TU and EQ

For your scores, are you pulling from myFICO for all 3? If not you are probably comparing two or three different types of credit scores (and not necessarily FICO scores). Non-FICO scores have different score ranges and factor in stuff that FICO does not and vice-versa.

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