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Explain this!

Explain this!

OK so my situation from a few years ago is more serious than I thought. I thought it was limited to a failing business trying to get paid twice or a dirty company they had me apply to. But as it turns out it is far more serious and I have been totally compromised. Details on that are here


Anyways short of it I had an alert and score drop, so I bought all my credit reports and scores and found I have been totally compromised and had someone with access to my credit who was also paying to monitor it.  So I immediately started taking action as anyone should. I started disputes, etc.


Well now every couple of days I get an alert that I have an account that has been updated and a score decrease. I go to score watch and look at the info and the previously reported and currently reported are the same.


Now I got no clue what is really happening, but it would appear the creditors are just updating the accounts with the same information and the score is going down down down each time they do. That makes no dang sense in either aspect. Makes no sense it would drop the score if the same information is reported/updated. Also makes no sense how the whole thing is working.


It is as if they were asked to update the reporting, not to prove that it is valid debt that belongs to me. I have never been more confused or frustrated.


If what I think is happening is really happening this whole system is such a joke I don't even know what to say......

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Re: Explain this!

about a year ago when i thought i'd be slick and just dispute everything on my credit report (valid or not), i got tons of alerts that were simple account updates.  Could possibly be that? 


Lots of it was just updates to the comments.  Silly me at the time. 

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Re: Explain this!

Yes it appears to be updates to the ones I disputed but no changes and the score drops with each one.

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Re: Explain this!

someone else will have to speak to why that happens.  I think it's because it's considered "recent activity" on a previously dormant collections account...or something of the nature. 

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Re: Explain this!

If so, yeah, that would be completely unfair.


Unfair on the score drop and totally "what's the point" on the dispute process.

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Re: Explain this!

First off if your accounts have been used by someone else this should be your first priority not your scores.


You should be filing a report for Identity Theft. You should follow the process on what and how to handle Identity Theft. If your information is being used with-out your knowledge or consent then you make the legal report and make sure you prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, if and when they are caught.


It doesnt matter if it is a family member, a best friend, a business associate, whomever.... Now you may not feel the same way I do, but I value the hard work I put into cleaning up my reports, and knowing I have no issue applying for and getting any type of credit. Even if was a family member I would follow through with my intentions, but thats just me.


On the flip side if the issues are your fault, just for simple mistakes me all do such as missed a payment, or thought we payed, all things we all been through, then just try to deal with each one ethically and try and have them GW. I know there is never any guarantee they will fix them but we do have to live with our mistakes and time heals all.


But once again I will state if your accounts have been a factor of Identity Theft you need to handle that. Many people have problems for many many many years with Identity Theft. The faster you start the process the faster hopefully you will get results.


Good Luck as it is a pain in the rear.

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Explain this!

Yeah it is fraud. It started out in 2009 with one thing I thought was just a dirty transaction or an unethical creditor. But come to find out it was far far worse. In fact that incident might not even be linked. Don't know.


Basically my identy has been stolen period. Totally compromised through Experian (and they know it). Someone took  went to their site, gained access to my reports, then literally set up an account and began monitoring. Details are in that thread link, but they had it all set up I guess so they could see when time allowed it to recover enough to secure credit using it again. Totally exposed.

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Re: Explain this!

I'm sorry for your ID theft. That is really tough stuff. As for the reason your score just keeps dropping after disputing is because the pain of the baddies are being brought forward to the present. And, the more present the bad stuff, the worse the score.
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Re: Explain this!

Hoss_Delgado wrote: Basically my identy has been stolen period. Totally compromised...

Did you file a police report?  That should give you the leverage to have the illegitimate accounts deleted.

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