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FICO 10 vs FICO 8 - Large differences?

Regular Contributor

FICO 10 vs FICO 8 - Large differences?

The FICO scoring stuff continues to boggle my mind.  


FICO 8 has the following:

EQ: 667


EX: 663


FICO 10 has the following:

EQ: 626

TU: 519

EX: 538


How in the world can something be a 125 difference?  Or 140 difference?  How can scoring with similar builds be THAT different?  I just don't get it.

Starting FICO8 June 2017: EQ: 514 - EX: 491 - TU: 521 Pre-BK7
FICO8 March 2023: EQ: 703 - EX- 680 - TU: 671
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Re: FICO 10 vs FICO 8 - Large differences?

My FICO10 and FICO10T are higher than my FICO8 score on all 3 CRAs. Around the same as my FICO9. 

FICO 8 (3/1/24) EX 805 EQ 824 TU 844

Current lineup as of 9/23
American Express Gold | American Express Blue Cash Everyday 11K | American Express Blue Cash Preferred 10K I American Express Marriott Bonvoy Bevy 10K I American Express Hilton Honors Surpass 3K I Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Visa 20K | Kinecta MyPerks Rewards MC 35K | TD Bank Double Up Visa 4K | USBank Platinum Visa 5K | BMO Harris Cash Back MasterCard 12K | Capital One SavorOne MC 3K | Capital One Walmart MC 2K | NFCU Amex 20K | NFCU CashRewards Visa 20K I Citi Best Buy Visa 10K I Macy’s Amex 6.5K I Bread Financial American Express 8K l AAA Daily Advantage Visa Signature 6K I Wells Fargo BILT World Elite MC 30K I BCU Cash Rewards Visa 8K I Chevron Techron Advantage Visa 2.5K I JCPenney Mastercard $6K I UCLA Wescom CU Rewards Visa 7K I
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