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FICO 100 points off?

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FICO 100 points off?

I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit and recently joined I was surprised to find a TU score of 669 and an EQ of 679. A little disappointed with my EQ at 604.

I decided after seeing my scores and hearing good things about them, I would apply for barclaycard MasterCard. I was denied but decided to recon and find out more. After talking to them, I was informed that they pulled a 588 credit score from TU!

Why such a big difference? I'm feeling robbed after paying $60 for all three credit scores.
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Re: FICO 100 points off?

Welcome to the forums.


Did they give you the score range in the denial letter?


I know Barclays used to use the same version of TU that you get here which is TU98.  However, they could have used the CC enhanced version which would weight past and present CC more heavily.


The scores from this site are all different versions.  EQ is Beacon 5, TU is 98 and EX is 08.  The 98 and 08 are not widely used.  Beacon 5 is what most lenders use.


Each score for each CRAs is calculated differently.  Even if you had identical credit reports across all the CRAs and the same model was used, all three scores would be different because of the differences in the way the scores are calculated.

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