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FICO Credit Score Help

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FICO Credit Score Help

Recently, I applied for and was approved for the Discover IT card and I am now a little perplexed.  


I currently subscribe to the myFICO ScoreWatch product.  My Equifax FICO score per myFICO ScoreWatch is 630.  


However, I received my Discover It card today and included is a summary page that suggests that my Equifax FICO credit score is 667.  


Can someone please explain the disparity between the 2 scores?  Notably, I have read several posts which suggest that there are lots of differing scoring models.  However, the summary page from Discoer suggests that the score of 667 is my FICO credit score derived from Equifax.  If this was a different scoring model, I wouldn't expect for a company like Discover to claim that it is a FICO score when indeed it is not for legality reasons.



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Re: FICO Credit Score Help

Did the letter tell you what the score range was? This will help ID which socre they pulled. Some FICO scores are industry enhanced which have a different score range

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Re: FICO Credit Score Help

Thanks for the response.  It suggests that "scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850.

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