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FICO Risk Score Reason Codes

Moderator Emerita

FICO Risk Score Reason Codes

Here are the reason codes used by the three main FICO scoring formulas, broken by CRA:

FICO Risk Score Reason Codes

The TU codes are for TU98, which is what is still pulled here. Beacon 5.0 is the current Equifax scoring model, found here and used by most lenders who use Equifax. Experian Fair Isaac Version 2 is what was used here back before Black Friday (2/13/2009), when Experian cut off consumer access to our own FICO EX scores.

As you can see, not every formula has exactly the same codes. Also, the order in which they are listed is not by severity. In other words, "Amount owed on accounts is too high" is not the most damaging factor, and "Derogatory public record or collection filed" is certainly not the least.

If something isn't on this list of reason codes, it doesn't affect your scores: closed by grantor, address, marital status, etc etc. If it is, it does, but it might be such a minuscule effect that it's not worth worrying about.

When a lender pulls your scores, it will be the top four negative factors that are listed. These are the ones that hurt your scores the most, in descending order.

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