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FICO Score Breakdown (i.e., "Credit Mix")

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Re: FICO Score Breakdown (i.e., "Credit Mix")

At the risk of repeating myself......


Scorewatch is not a really good MONITORING software although it is the ONLY monitoring product available that provides a really useful score.


The OP would not have been wrong to keep the monitoring procuct and simply purchase one EQ FICO report so that he has a real score. I hope it is obvious to most people that he is way wrong thinking he is getting a score that is accurate "+-2 points". IIlecs experience matches mine when he says his is usually about "+/- 50". Mine is currently off 58 and was recently off 75.


There are lots of different options and there is no option that is right for everyone. If I was only going to monitor one CRA, I would choose EX since it updates far sooner than the others. Adding Scorewatch gives me a useful score along with good monitoring. You can add monitoring on TU for free by signing up for CK. Just be sure to ignore all scores that aren't a FICO and all non-FICO advice.


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