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FICO Updates

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FICO Updates

How often does FICO update credit scores?  Daily or Monthly?
I'm guess what I'm asking is, I have disputed with all three CRA's some derogs on my credit report, one still remains under investigation.  I was told by 2 of the 3 CRA's that most of the items have been deleted, however, my score doesn't seem to have changed.  Will I not notice a difference until after the investigation time has expired, 8/23 for one report, and 9/5 & 9/7 for the other two.
Does myFICO's score watch update everyday (or reflect the recent deletions) or not until the CRA finishes the investigations and then once the CRA's report the final results?  I don't want to have to pay for a credit report or score everyday.  Is it possible to view any changes on a daily basis or are changes only modified monthly?

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FICO 8/5/10; TU 724, EQ 702
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Re: FICO Updates

One thing that I have found out is if you dispute a lot of items on your report if the remarks or comments show "item in dispute" or anything similar it likely is stuck in dispute and not being counted in your score even months after you disputed the item. This happened to me on several accounts and I am finding out the only way to fix it is to remove all the comments.
I believe there is a week lag on score watch to alert of any updates.
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