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FICO disparity

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FICO disparity

My 3 FICO scores  are
Equifax  763
Transunion  614
Experian  609
I find it odd  the wide range of scores, when there is basically the same info on all 3 credit reports. The only thing I find different is Equifax is not reported any negative items on certain accounts, and the other 2 are reporting  negative items. I am trying to get the middle score up near 720, since most banks go for the middle score when applying for a loan. Does anyone know any different?  I want to get a construction loan to build a house in a couple years , so I would like those two lower scores to approach Equifax.
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There can be a large difference in scores for the very re...

There can be a large difference in scores for the very reasons you stated.  If the negative items are recent, the more impact they have on the score and if one report shows no negatives, it would be high.  Whereas the ones with the negatives would be considerably lower.  Depending on your credit age, negatives are likely to have a larger impact as well. One collection dropped my score 50 points, luckily, it was an error and I was successfully able to remove it.
Just wondering, didyou pull them all from my fico?  Where all accounts showing the same reporting dates for the good accounts?
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Yes, the scores were all pulled from My The neg...

Yes, the scores were all pulled from My The negative items are not so recent either. My recent credit history is excellent. I used to have scores in the 500s. And they are slowly climbing back up. Equifax kind of made a giant leap. I had a judgement that was an error, and as soon as it was corrected, the Transunion score jumped almost 50 points.
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