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Fako vs. FICO

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Fako vs. FICO

I think I already know the answer to this question; however I would like to know from someone that knows for sure the answer and is not just guessing.  If you sign up for LifeLock Ultimate they state:


"24/7 online access to your annual TransUnion credit report and score"


Is that a FICO score?  Has anybody signed up for LifeLock and what has been your experience with them?  Do you really get an on demand report when you want it?  Is LifeLock Ultimate worth it, or should I just sign up to the regular LifeLock (without the credit report and score and all the additional features)?

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Re: Fako vs. FICO

The score they provide is a Fako.


I looked at a range of credit monitoring services a several months ago and decided against LifeLock.  Sorry I can't remember exactly why.  Be careful to read the fine print for many of the services the 24/7 often just means that they store the last report on their website, but the details are updated much less frequently (weekly or monthly).

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